Thursday, June 30, 2011

How we met

One more day until I get confirmation one way or the other. I am distracting myself by reading e-mails Michael sent me.  So I decided to share the story of how we met.

I am going to try and get Michael to write up his version of how we came to be. I think it will be interesting to see it from both of points of view. Maybe it will become a regular segment, "He said/She said".

It all began November 17, 2004. I was a member of an online dating site called American Singles.  I had just gotten home from another bad date and decided that I was done with dating and I was signing on to cancel my membership.  Before I did, I saw I had a message from a cute solider just saying hi and introducing myself.  He was stationed in Iraq, so I figured why not. He would probably make a nice pen pal. So I wrote him back and this was the very first e-mail he sent to me.

Hi LaTisha,
Thank you for writing me back.
What kind of stuff do you do for fun? Were you ever married or have kids? What kind of work do you do?
It really isn't to bad being over here. I miss my son but that's really about it. I'm looking into doing another year over here.
I was married for almost 10 years. My ex started having an affair and decided she didn't want to be married anymore. We share custody of our son. He usually spends a week with me and then a week with her.
My favorite author is probably Tom Clancy, but I just finished reading a book called cold zero by Christopher Whitcomb. He was a sniper with the FBIs hostage rescue team and the book is his story. It was a great book. I read it in like 5 days or something.
Next month will be 11yrs I have been in the national guard or reserves. I was never active duty.
Thanks again for writing me back,
Pretty generic.  It was his second e-mail that his sense of humor started shining through and I got a glimpse of his personality.

Hi Latisha,
I have to admit I went back and checked out your profile again. You are beautiful, and tall, and you have enough authors that you like that I am thinking you must read alot. Usually a sign of someone bright enough to carry on a decent conversation. So where is the catch? Are you crazy? It's ok you can tell me. I'm just messin around. It's 3:30 in the morning and I am getting tired so there is no telling what may come out of my mouth right now. Tom Clancy is great. A couple of movies were made from his series of books. The sum of all fears, with Ben Affleck was the last one. I have some of Dean Kootz books. They were sent to me over here but I havnt gotten around to reading them. I know a few people that read alot of Cornwell, and Grafton and really seem to like them.
My son is 9. He is probably the only thing I miss form home. Of course I miss the rest of my family but it isnt the same. When I'm not off playing war, I am an estimator for an air conditioner contractor.  For fun I love the beach. Day and night. I like clubs. I can dance well enough to fake it. I play pool for fun. Will never claim to be good at it but I have moments where I amaze myself. I think what I enjoy the most is just staying home and finding something to do. Go jogging, or watch tv, or play cards. I have the most fun drinking beer and watching football with my best friend. What kind of movies do you like? I think my favorite right now are the 2 bad boy movies and black hawk down. Are you a pretty good cook? Anything imparticular that you are really good at making? I'm pretty good on the grill, but can make about anything if I try.
I shouldnt drag this out to much. I have no idea if you are reading this at work or something. I dont want to keep you from anything.
Hope to hear from ya soon,

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