Saturday, June 18, 2011

Round 1

I had my first IUI treatment yesterday and I realized I wanted to chronicle this next stage in our lives.  First a little about me (the tiara) and my husband (the flip flops).

I am 33 years old and my husband (MB) is 36.  We have been together for six years and married for two years.  I am also a stepmom, my husband has a 15 year old son (CB) from his first marriage. We have been trying to get pregnant for the past year and a half on our own with no success, so my ob/gyn recommend a fertility specialist.  I never thought I would have a problem getting pregnant once when we were ready.  I have always felt like being a mom is what I was put on this earth for.  My maternal grandmother has like 10 kids and my paternal grandmother has 5.  My mom has three kids and my younger sister has 2 kids. So I just figured it would be easy for me.  Alas, it wasn't, so we the first thing we had to do was get tested.

MB's tests turned out fine. I have cysts on on my ovaries.  I have surgery scheduled in August to have them removed.  The doctor and I decided to try one round of fertility treatment in June.

The doctor decided try Femara.  I went in for an ultrasound scan on day to 2 of my cycle.  I took the Femara on days 3 through 7. Day 9 I went back for another sonogram to check my follicles. They looked good to the nurse told me I would be giving myself a trigger shot that evening. Great!

Wait! What? I will be giving myself the shot? No one mentioned that to me before. I hate needles. I always have a minor panic attack before I have to get blood drawn or get a shot and they expect me to give one to myself. In my stomach. Great.  I guess overcoming your fears is something you have to before becoming a mom.  OK not really, there is no way I can give myself a shot, but fortunately MB felt confident in his ability to do it.

So 6:00 comes around and I go the bedroom and I start crying a little bit. But MB does a great job, I only felt a little pinch.

The next morning we had to get up early so MB could make a donation for the IUI. When we walk back into the lobby the receptionist gives us a knowing look, like "I know what you were doing".  But all she says to is to come back an hour later with a full bladder. So MB and I went to grab breakfast and I drank plenty of liquids. When we got back to doctor's office I was ready to burst. There were three women in the lobby waiting there turn. I waited patiently for about 10 minute, but I finally went to the desk and explained my situation and they took me right back. I felt  a little bad for the women who were still waiting.

MB came back with me because I a little scared. I read about the procedure and I was afraid it would hurt a little bit. And it did but it wasn't unbearable, just crampy. Afterwards I had to lie still for 10 minutes.  They reminded there was was only a 20% chance of being successful which is better than the 5% when you try it naturally. I am also not allowed to test for 14 days.  They also told us to have sex for the next 3 days and MB perked right up. These were doctor instructions he was happy to follow.

I now get to spend the next 14 days walking the fine like of being hopeful but realistic.  Positive thinking is important,  but if it doesn't work I don't want to be to disappointed.

I'd appreciate in positive thoughts and prayers.

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