Thursday, July 11, 2013

Five things you should never say to a pregnant woman

I am always amazed at the comments people make to me because I am pregnant with twins. It's like they just don't have a filter. I asked some of my other friends who are preggers if they have experienced the same and it turns out I am not alone. So we compiled this list of things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

1. Are you sure you aren't having twins?  Or any comment about a pregnant woman's size, large or small.

Would you normally comment on a woman's weight? I hope not. Pregnant women are especially sensitive about their size. We worry if we are gaining too much or too little and how that weight gain will affect our growing baby.

Your best bet? Tell her she looks great!

2. You're just pregnant. This comment usually is made by a man.

We're not just pregnant. We are growing life inside of us. It takes a lot out of us.  Between the first trimester morning sickness and the third trimester aches and pains, it isn't an easy task. Pregnant women deserve a medal.

Your best bet? Tell her she looks great and offer her some ice cream.

3.  Speaking of aches and pains. If you ask a pregnant woman how she is feeling and she is actually honest and admits to her misery, don't respond with "well you asked for it'.

I can honestly say that I did not ask for it. I did not ask to be put on bedrest at 28 weeks. I didn't ask to cry every not before bed because everything hurts. I certainly didn't ask to have trouble breathing. I asked for a baby and I was lucky enough to be blessed with two miracles and I will suffer through to bring my two miracles into the world.

You best bet? You look great and you're doing a great job. Can I get you some ice cream?

4.  Are you sure you should be eating that?

Unless you are the pregnant woman's doctor, there isn't any need to comment on her diet.

Your best bet? That's right, You look great, can I get you some ice cream?

5. If you find out a woman is pregnant with multiples. Don't respond with "better you than me" or any other similar negative comment.

Multiples just mean multiple blessings. Sure the thought can be overwhelming at times, but how is your negative comment helpful.

You best bet? You look great, how about a double scoop if ice cream?

What were some comments that drove you crazy during your pregnancy?  What are your favorite comebacks?

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