Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Steps

Today I updated my Facebook status to “Today I embark on a new journey”.  The more I think about it, I realize it isn't a new journey I am taking. This is the path I have been on my entire life. It’s my destiny to be a mom.  There have been many disappointments and detours along the way, but I am finally back on the right track. I'll be turning 35 next month; this part of my journey is starting about 10 years later than I originally planned.  It’s funny the way life has a way of getting in the way of plans.
I believe everything happens for a reason therefore when something doesn't happen it is for a reason too. Ten years ago, I really wasn't ready for a child of my own. I spent my late teens and early twenties in a series of unhealthy relationships. I was to insecure and spent too much time in the darkness to bring a child in the world.
Then I met my wonderful husband and I thought, well now must be the time.  But, he spent too much time working overseas and I wanted an active partner in raising a child.  I also needed to spend those years leaning how to be a stepmom. It isn't always easy helping to raise someone else’s child, but is very rewarding.
Now the time is right, the stars are aligned, the insurance is in place, and my crappy work schedule is actually perfect for the numerous doctors’ appointments I will have to go during the next few weeks.
Today I had my baseline appointment; they did an ultrasound and took some blood. The ultrasound looked great and assuming the blood works comes back OK to I will start taking injections at the end of the week.
I am so blissfully happy, just knowing that this first step has been taken.  I hope you will continue to walk along this path with me. 

Love & Baby Dust

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