Friday, November 23, 2012

Let the injections begin

I hate needles and I tend to freak out a little bit when it is time for me to get blood drawn or to get a shot.  I haven't had much of a choice other than to just get over it, with all the blood work I have done lately.  But giving myself a shot? Nope! No way! Never going to happen.  Fortunately my dear husband Michael is up to challenge and had a little bit of training from his military days.

We decided that 9:00 will be the magic time to take my shot each night. Around 8:45 I started to get notice but began to get everything all set up.  The shots were actually easier than I thought. I think Michael missed his calling he could have been a doctor or a nurse.

In case you were wondering, the doctor has me on 20 units of low dose hCG and 400 units of Follistim.

I need to be sure to take a belly picture, from what I understand there will be a lot of bloat with this medication.  I am just hoping it doesn't make me crazy, well at least not any crazier than I already am.

Love & Baby Dust

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  1. I'm going through the same thing right now! I too have to have my husband do it. It's quite painless, but there's just something about sticking myself with a needle that I can't do :)