Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Dreaded 2 Week Wait

I am currently  one week into the two week wait.  Last Saturday Michael and  I went in for the artificial insemination. I always feel a little trampy when we do that. I never notice any of the wives going in with their husbands when they have to make their donations.

It is always so hard walking the fine line between staying optimistic and realistic. There is only a 20% chance that the IUI will be a success and I desperately want it to be a success, though I realize it make make multiple tries with the IUI and that we may even have to try IVF. I am just very thankful that I have such good insurance through my job that both procedures are 100% covered. 

I think that if we are not successful this month I will skip October and try again in November.

I just have to stay positive and say my prayers.

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