Thursday, September 8, 2011

Recovery and what comes next

I mentioned before that the doctor told me that the pain would not be so bad and that it wouldn't last that long.  He was terribly wrong. The pain was awful.  I never realized how I often I used my ab muscles until it hurt every time I used them.  I had to resort to sleeping in a recliner because I couldn't lie down in bed. Sneezing would make scream out in pain and laughing was completely out of the question.  I watched nothing but disaster movies and scary movies to make sure I wouldn't laugh.  I couldn't stand up and down by myself, which made going to the bathroom a challenge.  It wasn't too bad when my mom was here, but I was horrified when Michael had to help me.  I made him close his eyes the entire time.

The pain medication they gave me made me sick, so I stuck with my over the counter ibuprofen.

I started feeling better and stronger on the 2nd, 10 days after the surgery.  On the 3rd I was able to make Michael cupcakes for his birthday, that I missed on the 1st. I slept in the bed for the first time last night, 15 days later. I will be returning to work on September 12, 20 days later.

As of right now I am able to move around by myself, but sneezing and laughing still causes me some pain. It is hard sleeping, because my sides and stomach are still tender so I am stuck sleeping on my back.  I haven't even tried sex yet, but I hope to soon.  It has been way too long.

Anyways, I went to the doctor today and he just repeated everything I knew. We have 6 months to aggressively try for a baby. We are going to try the least expensive IUI.  My insurance covers it 100%  We can actually start trying with his cycle.

We will be doing the Femara with the IUI again.  So on day 2 or 3 of my cycle I will go into the doctor for a ultrasound to check for cysts. I will take the Femara pills on days 3-7. On day 9 or 10 I will go in for another ultrasound to make sure the medicine worked. The doctor will then instruct me on when to take the trigger shot. The day after the trigger shot we will go in for the insemination.

I am feeling very confident about this.  My Aunt had similar issues and she became pregnant right away. I have also heard lots of success stories. I'll be saying my prayers.

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