Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 more days

Last night I dreamt it was Saturday and it was time for me to take my pregnancy test and when I went to take it it turned pink and I was pregnant with a girl.  I really would love to believe it was a premonition, but I am pretty sure dreaming of fish means you're pregnant.  Plus I was living at the Playboy Mansion because Hugh Hefner adopted me. Now that was fun, all the perks without having to sleep with Hef. (I can call him Hef, because I watched 3 seasons of Girls Next Door).

Anyway, I get to take the test in 2 days.  I really have no inkling one way or the other on the test will show.  I haven't been cranky which is the first symptom of that my cycle is about to start. On the other hand my face is all broken out, probably worse breakout I have had in a very long time, so maybe I am about to start.  Only time will tell.

There is only a 20% chance for the IUI o be successful, so I know I have to be prepared for he negative results, but I am so hopeful that it will be positive.  I have waited so long to have a child of my own and I am not getting any younger.  I just hope I don't have to wait too much longer

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