Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birth Story

Rylee and Robbie ae four months today, but I figure it is better late than never to write the story down.  Everything is so fuzzy from that day and nothing went as expected.

The story starts about 2 weeks before when I started having discharge, I was concerned it was my water breaking, but a visit to the doctor confirmed it wasn't. Fast forward to the weekend before the babies were born, the liquid seemed heavier but i wasn't to concerned, but decided to go the the doctor on Monday to have things checked out

On Monday morning I went to my doctor's office, Dr. Garcia wasn't in but I as able to see another doctor and the determined that my water had broke and I was in labor. I was checked in to the hospital right away, thank goodness for preregistration. WE called our immediate family and the waiting began.

I wasn't dilated and they gave me the option to begin pitocin to bring on more active labor or to walk it out. I always wanted natural childbirth, so I opted for the walking. I spent most of the day walking the two floors of labor and delivery and the maternity floor. At this point I wasn't noticing my contractions. I never knew when I was having one unless I was hooked up to the machine. After awhile they did become a little bit more intense and I would have to pause during my walks, but still nothing like I expected.

As labor progressed I had to decide if I wanted the epidural or not. I really didn't want to, but  I knew the chances of having to have a c-section with the twins was high and it would be better to have the meds in me in advance.

We stayed in the hospital overnight and sometime in the morning on the the 30th, right after shift change it was time to start pushing. Again everything is hazy so I'm not sure on the timeline, but I want to say I pushed for less than an hour but due to the position Rylee was in, her chin kept getting caught and it was determined I would have to have a c-section and that is the moment my birth plan went out the window. I'm pretty sure I cried, but I wanted what was best for the babies. Everyone came in to wish me well and I remember praying.

In the operating room they gave additionally medication so I wouldn't feel the c-section and I remember thinking how strange it was that I could feel things and I was worried I wold feel the cut, but i never actually felt the cut, there was just a lot of pressure.

They took Rylee out and held her over the curtain, she was blue and they whisked her away, I didn't even have a chance to react because less than a minute later they pulled Robbie out, he looked normal and after they got him cleaned off a bit they did let me get a closer look at him.

Everything else is  a blur due to the medication. I didn't even realize until a day later that Rylee wasn't breathing when she was born. I just remember that it seemed like it was forever before they would let me be wheeled down to see my babies in NICU.  I remember how small and fragile they looked hooked up to the machines.  I remember how quickly I fell in love with them and how much my arms ached to hold them.  And the nurses did let me hold them, only for a moment and they were still hooked up to machines. But at those moments, I knew my life was complete.

It was so hard being in the hospital room at night and hearing others babies cry and not being able to be with my babies. But I went to the NICU to visit whenever I could,

I was released to go home on Friday and Robbie was strong enough to go home with me.  I cried a lot, tears of joy for Robbie being strong enough to come home and tears of sadness that I had to leave Rylee there.  Fortunately Rylee hated it as well and she quickly progressed to come home a few days later.

I hope to an entry of pictures soon.  Any family and friends that were there and would like to leave their impressions of the Twinjas birth, please leave them in the comments.

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