Monday, August 11, 2014

Trials of eliminating the dreaded bottle.

*not sure why this didn't post back in August

Now that the the Twinjas are 1, it's time to stop using bottles.  At this point we are down to a wake up bottle and a bedtime bottle.  They use cups during the day. This post will chronicle our attempts.

Day 1: Rylee flung the cup across the room and they both cried until I gave them a bottle.

Day 2: I gave them cereal in their snack cups and milk in their cups and sat them in their chairs.  Robbie ignored his cup and Rylee repeatedly tossed her cup aside. They finished off their cereal and I ended up giving them their bottles.

Day 3: After a late night in the ER, I didn't even bother trying.

Day 4: I'm feeling cautiously optimistic.  I sat them in their chairs this morning and turned on Daniel Tiger's neighborhood and gave them the cups of milk. Robbie drank most of it after some encouragement.  Rylee drank a little but didn't finish right awat. But she , never drank her formula bottle right away either. She always grazed.  After 10 minutes with only the cups, I offered them the snack cups with cereal.  I will continue with his method for the rest of week.

Day 5: We have successfully eliminated the morning bottle.  They will both happily drink while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood followed by some Honey Nut Os.

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